Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Strength: Press (remember to add 5 lbs to your 90% number!)
65% x 5
75% x 5
85% x 5

Part 1:
EMOM 12 min

Part 2:
4 x Sled pull/push combo, men 200#, women 150#
walking backwards, pull the sled the length of the turf, about 70', immediately reverse direction and push it all the way back using the low side handles. Two sleds moving at the same time on the turf is good!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Congrats to all the competitors!

Skill: Double Unders
For time: 4 x 50 unbroken

Skill: HSPU progression
Wall walks


  1. 5 min - run 800m, then do max wall ball shots, rest 1 min
  2. 5 min - run 800m, then do max pullups, rest 2 min
  3. 5 min - run 800m, then do max bar-touch burpees
Okay people, before you look at this and start a cascade of negativity, and a thousand excuses emerge as to why you can't do it, take a moment to breathe. It's NOT that hard to run 800m in 5 min. You might surprise yourself. If you will RUN flat out like a lion is chasing you, I assure you can do it. I don't care if you get 1 rep, I want to see an effort to complete that run. You will be surprised at what you can do when you set your mind to the task and be positive about it. Don't cherry-pick your workouts!

The Day's Results

Monday, September 29, 2014


Key Sponsors = Successful Event. THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS!
Amanda Serfass 1st, Lindsay Biehler 2nd, December Garcia 3rd

Jackson McBride 1st, Alfredo Martinez 2nd, Ashley Smith 3rd

Israel Cruz 1st, Alfonso Martinez 2nd, Kevin Nelson 3rd
Ashley Burge 1st, Anna Woods 2nd, Robyn Schoen 3rd

Strength: Wendler 5-3-1 Cycle 2 (confused? CATCH UP HERE)
for this 2nd cycle you will add 5 lbs to your shoulder press max and 10 lbs each to your deadlift and squat. You are adding this to your 90% 1rm number.

65% x 5
75% x 5
85% x 5+

Row 40 cal
21 pushups
21 jump slams 20/10
Row 30 cal
15 pushups
15 slams
row 20 cal
9 pushups
9 slams


Sunday, September 28, 2014

SmackDown Reflections

What a showdown! A BIG, BIG thank you goes out to the Corpus Christi CrossFit community for coming together and supporting the September Smackdown. We decided to put in the hard work to produce this event because we love CrossFit, we love competition, and we're committed to seeing the community grow and thrive. Thanks to all you owners and coaches at the local CrossFit affiliates who do what you do day in and day out, week in and week out, preparing your athletes, supporting them, being patient with their development. I was very gratified to see such a strong turnout with so many of the local boxes represented with quality athletes. The local CrossFit community has come a long way in recent years. It was an outstanding day!

An event like this cannot happen without key people behind the scenes toiling away for weeks to prepare every detail so that things run smoothly. It looks simple, but there is a TON of work done behind the scenes. Here are some of the folks who deserve recognition.

Donnie Moore - SeaCity Coach, competitor, and my right hand man. Could not have done this without his support, practical advice, and numerous contributions. Donnie recruited the majority of the Gold Sponsors for the SmackDown this year. No single person did more to make this event take place.

Buddy Bell - Atty at Law. Friend, Contributor, Supporter, and SCCF member Buddy Bell has been instrumental with his support and contributions! The September SmackDown would not have occurred without Buddy's support!

Kendell Solomon - Kendell has been a member at SCCF for 3 years. While many folks have come and gone, he has been a loyal standby and is always there to lend a hand with special events. Kendell helped load the truck, assemble the rig, judge the competition, and then load it all up again. He is the kind of guy who is there from start to finish and his generous support is greatly appreciated.

Melody Crow- Melody is the owner and head coach at CrossFit Whitecap. When I initially approached Melody regarding collaboration on this event, she basically opened her doors and said "mi casa es su casa." Her extraordinary generosity and contagiously positive attitude was very refreshing. Melody loaned out half the equipment in her gym, rallied her troops, and helped promote the event within her gym. It was great to see a total buy-in on her part and her close-knit team. Thanks!

AJ Nunez - AJ is a KHS baseball player and will probably be kicking all of your butts in wods in a few years! He has been a regular attendee of SCCF Summer Strength Camp and is a solid athlete. AJ is the young man who held the flag at the turn-around point for all four heats of WOD #1. That's standing in one place for about 2 hours with no break. A big thanks to AJ!

Dare Lopez- The scorekeeper sits behind the scenes and has to make sense of all the judges scoresheets, enter all the data, correct any mistakes, track down discrepancies or omissions, and make sure the right people get the proper credit for the hard work taking place out in the competition. Dare did a thorough and meticulous job (it helps that she's a math teacher)!

Marlo Garcia- Marlo did numerous thankless tasks that are vital to making an event come together, including making phone calls, recruiting volunteers, judges, and sponsors, following up with all the many details and keeping things organized. I cannot possibly list all the many many things she did to help! Not to mention that she trained and competed as well! A giant thanks goes to Marlo for all of her tireless efforts!

All the volunteers who helped load the equipment, set the rig up, and then break it all down and load the truck all over again. Thanks to Shane Casady, Gilbert Casas, Zach Ballard, Kendell Solomon, AJ Nunez, Gonzo Flores, Anna Woods, Stephanie Eschete, Jackie Blevins, Lucy Hamilton, Marlo Garcia, Valerie Larsen, Mike Muro, and Jody Campbell.

Your judges: Kendell Solomon, Zach Ballard, Gilbert Casas, Kathryn Naranjo, Lauren Massie, Jody Campbell, David Lopez, Ana Ramirez, Roger Cueva, Melody Crow, Jason Lavastida, Gonzalo Flores, Robert Pereira.

Zarron Gonzalez: Zarron did an awesome job providing the music and the DJ skills. Much appreciated!

Also a special thanks to Vonkiel Advincula, owner of CrossFit Iron Addicts. Vonkiel competed, loaned equipment and helped sponsor the event. Raquel Nichols, owner of CF Metro 361, also loaned equipment. Anita Canales, owner of CrossFit Bare Dynamics, loaned equipment as well.

And last but far from least, a big thank you to all the competitors who prepared themselves in the gym and brought their best game out on competition day. It was great to see all you guys and gals really sell out and give your best effort throughout the day. Y'all put on a good show and hopefully everyone learned a little more about themselves as athletes. Every competition is an opportunity to grow and develop so I hope all of you enjoyed it. See you next year!

Saturday, September 27, 2014



 7am-9am, 9am-11am, 11am-1pm, 1-3pm


Friday, September 26, 2014


Strength: Back Squat
Still de-loading...
40% x 5
50% x 5
60% x 5

Skill: Split Jerks
run thru the following progressions with an empty bar, 10 reps each
then load a bar with about 25-30% of your 1rm jerk and run thru again
  • push press behind the neck
  • split drop
  • jerk recovery
  • tall jerk
  • jerk
Split Jerk 5 x 2 @ 85% 1rm

A: 10 x 50m tempo runs (EMOM)

B: 2rft:

20 wall ball
20 v-ups
20 bar-touch burpees
20 pushups
20 jumping lunges
20 situps

Competing tomorrow? Just do one round!

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Wall walks/handstand holds

Strength: Weighted Pullups
5x35, 4x45, 3x53, 2x70, 3x53, 4x45, 5x35
(if you're unable to add weight, you'll do a bent arm hang for time)

400m run, then do the kb complex*
12 single arm swings R
12 single arm swings L
12 alternating swings
12 cleans (6/6)
12 russian swings
400m run, repeat the complex...
finish with 400m

men 53#/women 35#

You may not stop your motion during the complex, every rep should seamlessly lead into the next rep and each rep starts with a swing of the bell back between the legs. If you stop at all, even if you don't let go of the bell, it's an on the spot ten burpee penalty. After you complete the burpees you may resume at the point where you left off.