Monday, April 4, 2011

April 5, 2011 WOD

Run 1200m
20 man makers 30/15# dumbbells
Run 1200m

Man makers

Berk & Kozak on today's WOD

Brooke knockin out man makers on today's wod


  1. Warmup: Stretching, rolling, hand walks 50ft
    S/S: TGU 15lbs practice form
    WOD: 17:01
    Airdyne 5mins 55+rpm
    20 man makers 10# dumbbells
    Airdyne 5mins 55+rpm
    did MMs extra slow putting no pressure on knee

    Awesome job tonight everyone!! Super fun hanging out afterward to watch the 7pm class do TGUs, you guys are animals!!

  2. Very interesting class at 7pm. Be careful following Amber on the run! HaHa...her ummm sense of direction was a little off. Class ended up doing a nice mile though! Congrats!