Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Dealing Pain" WOD for April 16, 2011

Using a standard deck of cards.

Jokers = 400m
Club = 24" box jump
Diamond = 55# KB Swing
Hearts = Pushup
Spades = K2E

Shuffle the cards. Turn them over one at a time and do the exercise for the number of reps indicated. Jacks are worth 11, queens 12, kings 13, aces 1. To scale the workout, simply do 1/2 or 3/4 of whatever number you see. OR you can simply remove the face cards from the deck.


  1. Andrew Jordan:
    Took the Kings & Queens out of the deck. 23:24
    Tough-ass workout!

  2. 45# KB
    24" Box


    ...everything was fine until my last 7 cards read "joker, spade, spade, spade, spade, spade, spade"

  3. Full deck used:
    35# KB
    subbed to 1 min row for run
    subbed air squat for box jumps