Monday, October 10, 2011

Oct 10, 2011 WOD

Run 5k

I know a lot of you will read this and groan, or decide to skip today's workout. Let me give you a few reasons not to do that. CrossFit is effective because it provides a very broad stimulus. Endurance training may not be the bulk of our training, but it is occasionally necessary and vital. Maybe you figure, well running is something I can do on my own, I don't need to visit the gym for that. Well if you are making that argument, then let me know when you run the 5k and your time as well. That argument is only valid if you actually get out and do it. Finally, by getting into the gym as a group, and doing this with your trusted peers, people you've gone into battle and suffered with before, you will push yourself harder and perform far better than if you went out and leisurely did this on your own. That's true no matter how hardcore and intrinsically driven you may be. You'll always outdo yourself in the company of trusted peers, or in the name of competition.

Let's get a good showing for this, get out and make it fun. The route is easy to follow and is exactly 3.1 miles. Remember, you can scale this also. Not feeling like you're up for the full deal yet? Run 1/2 of it. Walk and run, you have an entire hour. You could easily walk 3.1 miles in about 45 min at a fairly easily pace. I would rather you do that and run here and there when you feel like it. This has value, don't be afraid of it, let's do this.

Coach Tim


  1. 19:56

    i even wore my new SeaCity shirt:)


  2. Dan, we miss you too bro! DOMINANT!

    I felt slow, heavy, and in oxygen debt the whole way on this, but by God I got thru it under an 8 min pace.