Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday November 29, 2012

Today we are testing a few skills then hitting a short but sweet workout:

I.  Max distance standing broad jump- Warm up, then make 5 attempts.  You will jump off of two feet from a stationary position.  The distance recorded will be to the heel of which ever foot is closest to the starting line.

II. Max pullups-  You have one attempt to get as many unbroken pullups as possible.  Any style of pullup is okay (kip, butterfly, strict if you can't kip) but you must use an overhand grip (no chin ups, no mixed grip).  You can briefly rest in a hang but once you drop off of the bar you are done.

III. Max double unders- You have 3 attempts to get as many unbroken double unders as possible.  You cannot do singles in between doubles.  If you do not have double unders, you will practice until those who do have made all 3 attempts.

Death by burpee

Do one burpee the first minute,
Two the second, etc.

On the minute every minute, until you die!  If you know you are on your last round and won't finish your burpees, do not F-ING stop.  Your score will be total number of reps, so don't sandbag and quit early because it hurts.
The Day's Results

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  1. Jump 105
    Pull up 55
    DU's 67
    Death took 229 burpees