Scared? Intimidated? There's no need to be! Read this or this...

SeaCity CrossFit offers the area's original, and still the best, introductory program. If you're new to CrossFit or if you've never participated in athletic strength and conditioning, you'll want to take the Foundations Course before joining the regular WOD. (workout of the day). Our goal is to get you started safely and effectively. We will introduce you to the fundamental movements, and provide you with the building blocks of sound technique. These 10 sessions will help you get oriented, and give you a smooth transition into the regular classes. This is also an important opportunity for our coaches to assess your fitness level and get to know you. 

As fit as you may be, people almost always discover that CrossFit intensity is a new threshold for them.

We have seasoned coaches who know how to assess clients. Having a CrossFit Level 1 certification does not make you a coach. It's a weekend seminar. Our coaches have been doing CrossFit and training others since 2005.  We possess real experience with real people, that's been earned over time in the gym 24/7, year after year. You are in good hands to get in shape safely. 
Anyone can do CrossFit

CrossFit is only as hard as you make it. 

You are the only person who can control your intensity level. We'll help you get oriented and give your body time to adapt.  The workouts will be scaled to your ability.  Even if you feel you're already in good shape, this course is a great idea. People who take it are always glad they did.

Foundations is 10 - 1 hour sessions, and must be completed in 3 weeks or less. It is by appointment only!  There are no makeup sessions for this course. There are discounts available for groups up to a max of 5.

Cost: $250
Call 361 737 9473 to schedule your training! There are a variety of time slots available.